I think we all remember it the same way. You and your friends getting together after school to play Final Fantasy VII. Only one controller needed, but everyone was invested. With our Red Vines in hand, we were ready. Then the end of disc one…

Fast forward 15 years. People texting instead of calling, going on skype instead of meeting up, giving virtual thumbs up instead of, well, actual thumbs up. This disconnection may not be a result of the video games we play, but can be the way we started to play them. It is very hard to find a game that doesn’t have us logging into our consoles to play each other online now. Oh, how I remember the good ol’ days. Boys, we just might have those good ol’ days back!

The E3 Sony panel rep states, “Tonight, I am proud to announce by popular demand, we have a very special treat for everyone”. All that is running through your head is, “don’t do this to me. Don’t do this to me”. Then they did it to you.


For some reason, this game and it could only be this game presses on the cockles of your heart.  It hits a spot, spot deep in your gut. Uncontrollable excitement of once again being able to relive the memories, comradery and Red Vines.

As some of us are now “responsible” adults with children of our own, we can let them experience their generation’s remake of a now classic masterpiece. We get to look as they experience the loss, sacrifice and thrill of accomplishment as we once did.  Thank you…

Sony wins E3 2015, not close.



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